About Baphy

A darksome fairy tale for you: her dad's the original rebel. Yeah, that one. Being half-angel, half-human, she's not immortal but she'll probably last a few thousand years. Her best friend is a demon named Kaos. Baphy's favorite way to influence humans and push them toward building a loving and just world? Music. She loves to make music that inspires the best in people--human or otherwise. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and come dance with witches.

Lilith Collective

Baphy, along with Kaos, is a member of the Lilith Collective, a group of intersectional feminists envisioning a more compassionate and inclusive future for all. If you are an artist who fits that description and you’d like your art featured in the gallery, please contact us. Teleport to the Lilith Collective art gallery in second life here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Increta/244/100/23